Daniel Behan McQuaid – Community Volunteer

Daniel Behan McQuaid is not only a dedicated member of a local middle school faculty, or a loving and supportive husband and father to a beautiful family. McQuaid is also a dedicated Rochester volunteer, someone who never hesitates to give back to local causes, organizations and people in need whenever he has the opportunity.

Daniel Behan McQuaid is resolved to make a difference in the Rochester community. The opportunity to volunteer affords McQuaid the chance to not only strengthen bonds between himself and community leaders, but to also do his part towards creating a neighborhood and a city that can will be welcoming, enjoyable and safe for future generations. A regular volunteer at a local literacy advocacy group, as well as a contributor to a local effort to ensure young students always have access to an affordable lunch, McQuaid is determined to help make life just a little better for those who may otherwise have no source of support.

Daniel Behan McQuaid volunteers not to receive recognition or gratitude. Rather, he has a genuinely vested interest in maintaining the health and strength of the Rochester area for many years to come. McQuaid, along with his wife and two adoring children, share the volunteering experience together, working as one towards the creation of a better, safer and more responsive society that can effectively demonstrate true compassion for all in the region.

McQuaid continues to instill the importance of volunteering into his children, and to show the true value of lending a hand, donating a dollar and making a contribution when and wherever they can.


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