Daniel Behan McQuaid – The Teaching Profession

Daniel Behan McQuaid has always possessed a skill for teaching, something he discovered very early on in childhood. This skill, fortunately for McQuaid, has blossomed into a lengthy and rewarding public school teaching career. Now a teacher of both American history and world history at a local junior high school, McQuaid continues to tout the benefits and rewards of teaching; the opportunity to be a positive influence and inspiration in young people’s lives.

The teaching profession has given Daniel Behan McQuaid a plethora of opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, particularly those that will someday become integral and productive adults throughout society. McQuaid not only provides instruction to his students, he provides insight, inspiration and the foundation of knowledge each young person need to be prepared for the many challenges ahead.

Daniel Behan McQuaid has been teaching at the same institution, and within the same local community, for more than 25 years, and is proud to continue playing such an important, even essential role, in the development of young people throughout the Rochester area. Though his goal has never been personal gain or recognition, he continues to receive praise and admiration for his ongoing commitment to the craft, something that motivates and inspires him just as much as his instruction continues to inspire the future leaders of America.

McQuaid is a graduate of a New York-based community college, and is originally from the state of Ohio. He is proud to be a member of a community that shows such passionate support behind its education professionals.


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